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Episode #77 “How to Build Total Wealth”

With Lyle Sussman Ph.D. & David Dubofsky Ph.D. | CFA BIO: Lyle Sussman Ph.D. Lyle is the former Chairman and Professor of Management, College of Business, University of Louisville. He received his BS and MS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his Ph.D. from Purdue. Aside from 60 scholarly articles, he is a bestselling business author with more than 1,000,000…
David A. Dubofsky
February 17, 2022
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David Dubofsky PhD, CFA Lyle Sussman PhD How important is it for financial advisors to understand the economic and societal impact of the Great Resignation?  The significance of this tumultuous labor force disruption is validated by its 2021 entry in Wikipedia, and the ten million Google hits for that phrase. Over 40 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021. Some…
David A. Dubofsky
January 17, 2022
The Why and How of Your Total WealthBlogFinancial Planning

The Why and How of Your Total Wealth

Many Americans lack financial literacy. Moreover, regardless of their financial wealth, many Americans are also not as happy as they could be … lacking what one of our reviewers defined as “life literacy.” We wrote Your Total Wealth: The Heart and Soul of Financial Literacy because of these two reasons. To address the lack of financial literacy, we define what…
David A. Dubofsky
January 10, 2022
Helping clients through black swan eventsBlogFinancial Planning

Helping clients through black swan events

Financial planners working with clients as they confront crises like the recent supply chain disruptions need to have a holistic view of planning, increase their own emotional intelligence and improve their communications skills. November 30, 2021 By David Dubofsky and Lyle Sussman Click Here to see article published in InvestmentNews, November 30, 2021   The recent supply chain disruption and…
David A. Dubofsky
November 30, 2021

Your Total Wealth Pre-retirement Assessment

Are you prepared for retirement? This assessment helps you answer that question. Retirement planning typically considers only your financial needs. But there are many nonfinancial issues that should be considered as well - your emotional, psychological, and social needs. The best retirement planning looks into the future from a perspective of Total Wealth. It incorporates both financial and nonfinancial issues.…
David A. Dubofsky
November 28, 2021
Americans Lack Knowledge About FinanceBlogFinances

Americans Lack Knowledge About Finance

David A. Dubofsky Retired Professor of Finance – University of Louisville and author of “Your Total Wealth…. The Heart and Soul of Financial Literacy” The Heart And Soul Of Financial Literacy from Thomas Neuhaus on Vimeo. Watch video here: Download: PPT deck *Americans Lack Knowledge About Finance Business Insider survey of 2007 millennials: only 20.7% understood the terms and…
David A. Dubofsky
September 6, 2021

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