Hedging RiskFinancial Risk


Financial advisors may have clients who have “done their homework” and are considering HEDGING  their risks.  When that happens both the client and advisor should discuss the potential risk inherent in any hedging strategy; hedging is a double edged sword.  Our latest contribution to the #Yourtotalwealth BLOG provides a primer for this discussion on hedging.  Enjoy, learn and share. (more…)
John Drake
September 15, 2023
Smart People Doing Stupid ThingsFinancial Literacy

Smart People Doing Stupid Things

DECISION MAKING BIASES IN PERSONAL FINANCE   OBJECTIVES • Reality check. Financial professionals and their clients are both constrained by their decision-making biases. • 3 Behavioral Finance biases affecting counselors and their clients: Confirmation Bias, Overconfidence, and Loss Aversion. • Strategies for mitigating the effects of these specific biases, and cognitive biases in general. Q and A. References for further…
HSF Publishing
July 21, 2023
tax deferred investing

IRAs: Tax-deferred Investing

The following example illustrates the long-term benefits of tax deferred investing: Assume that you invest $4000/year in a typical taxable mutual fund or ETF that generates an 8% annual rate of return in taxable income. You will get $320/year before tax. If you are in the 25% tax bracket, you will get to keep $240/year after taxes. If you reinvest…
HSF Publishing
June 27, 2023
Throwing Money AwayIndex Funds

Index Funds and Expense Ratios

We wrote that perhaps the primary advantage of investing in index funds and index ETFs is their low expenses. But there are some index funds that charge outrageously (in our opinion) high expense ratios. We don’t understand why any investor would ever invest in them. If it is because their financial advisor put them there, they need a different financial…
David A. Dubofsky
June 5, 2023

Expert Insight on Retirement Savings

Why do you think it's so hard for some people to save for retirement? There are many reasons. Some individuals are barely able to live on their after-tax income. They spend every dollar on food, shelter, transportation and other necessities. Given a choice, these individuals will almost by necessity delay saving for retirement, which may be 20, 30 or 40…
David A. Dubofsky
May 15, 2023
Man in a suit with Golden HandcuffsVesting


You don’t like your job or the company, but you need the money.  Should you go or should you stay? This question is the essence of the “Golden Handcuffs” metaphor and describes many  in these chaotic times.  The metaphor has special significance if the decision is contingent on vested benefits, and a vesting period. It’s also a significant issue for…
HSF Publishing
April 27, 2023
Financial liquidity describes the ability to buy or sell something quickly at a fair price.FinancesFinancial LiteracyLiquidity


Financial liquidity describes the ability to buy or sell something quickly at a fair price. An illiquid asset cannot be so easily sold. For example, real estate is typically an illiquid asset. You may have to wait months to get the price you want. There are three components to the liquidity of securities in general, and stocks specifically: The first is the…
David A. Dubofsky
March 21, 2023


Our book is a unique merging of financial literacy with life literacy.  Here’s an example of that Yin-Yang merging, Annuity/Emotional Annuity. It reminds us that, like an ANNUITY, our emotional commitment towards others can be …forever. (more…)
HSF Publishing
February 13, 2023
Asset Allocation - Planning for long term successFinancial LiteracyFinancial Planningstocks


Asset allocation, at its most basic level, is deciding how to spread (allocate) the risk across your investment portfolio: stocks vs. less-risky instruments such as bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs). These decisions will be the primary determinant of your investment performance; i.e., your portfolio’s rate of return. Beyond this seemingly simple decision, you must consider how much to invest in domestic stocks, international…
David A. Dubofsky
January 13, 2023
If you (or someone you know) are having difficulty repaying a loan, consider asking for forbearance.Financial LiteracyUnderstanding Debt


If you (or someone you know) are having difficulty repaying a loan, consider asking for forbearance.  It will likely prove to be the best gift you receive this holiday season.  This is a concept that is rarely, if ever taught, in business school.  Many (most) college educated individuals in finance may not be familiar with it. Enjoy, and share our discussion of…
HSF Publishing
December 12, 2022

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