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FINANCIAL LITERACY AND THE TIME VALUE OF MONEY With interest rates near 14-year highs, we should revisit the phrase, “Time is Money.” You may have even used the phrase yourself.  It has special meaning when applied to investing and financial planning.  Lyle and I are happy to present our “Time Value of Money” lesson, taken directly from  Your Total Wealth. …
David A. Dubofsky
November 15, 2022
Understanding Our Regrets Today Can Improve Our Financial TomorrowFinancial Planning

Understanding Our Regrets Today Can Improve Our Financial Tomorrow

Understanding Our Regrets Today Can Improve Our Financial Tomorrow Feelings of regret, especially about financial decisions or inaction, are universal, but it’s possible to turn them into life’s best positives. BY H. DENNIS BEAVER, ESQ. PUBLISHED 7 HOURS AGO “‘Jerry,’ my 65-year-old father, is beating himself up over failing to get out of the stock market months ago when it was so…
HSF Publishing
October 12, 2022

Five Cs of Credit

Whether you agree or disagree with President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, it is useful to think of it in relation to the usual ways that credit is granted, and the expected payback of loans. That is why we posted the "5 Cs of Credit," one of the 74 essential concepts in Your Total Wealth. Because financial advisors and bankers…
HSF Publishing
September 14, 2022
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Confirmation Bias is the third article in our trilogy of behavioral finance biases affecting financial advisors and their clients.  Indeed… that is one of the reasons Smart People Do Stupid Things...  Feel free to download copies for yourself, your colleagues and your clients.   CONFIRMATION BIAS A BEHAVIORAL FINANCE BIAS AFFECTING ADVISORS AND THEIR CLIENTS David Dubofsky, PhD, CFA Lyle Sussman,…
HSF Publishing
August 15, 2022
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OVERCONFIDENCE: A Behavioral Risk For Both Financial Advisors And Their Clients

David Dubofsky, PhD, CFA and Lyle Sussman, PhD The increasing interest in decision making biases affecting the financial world can best be documented with this metric: A Google search of the phrase “Behavioral Finance” yields over 5 million hits.  A cursory scan of a sample of those links highlights overconfidence as a significant bias affecting both investors and their advisors. Overconfidence…
David A. Dubofsky
August 1, 2022
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Federal Reserve

Clients of Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers hear a lot today about the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately many of those clients, and people in general, may not know what it does and how it affects their daily personal finances. Here’s a sample of "Central Bank," one of the key terms we explain in our book, "Your Total Wealth," to help you…
David A. Dubofsky
July 21, 2022
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Smart People Doing Stupid Things: Decision Making Biases of Both Clients and Their Advisors

Financial advisors know that their clients often make investment decisions that may not be purely rational. But because both are human, those advisors are subject to the same cognitive and psychological biases, and irrational decisions as their clients. However, because of their professional training and status, advisors may believe they are immune from irrational biases. This FPA Knowledge Circle Presentation…
David A. Dubofsky
May 31, 2022
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Your Total Wealth: The Heart and Soul of Financial Literacy

Thanks again to Brian Adams for hosting a podcast in which we discussed the importance of combining Financial Literacy with Life Literacy—i.e., Total Wealth. To listen to our discussion, click on: If someone asks you what wealth means for you, what would your response be? The first thing people always associate this term with is money, however, wealth can also be translated into freedom, opportunities, and…
David A. Dubofsky
May 27, 2022

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