“Achieving Your Total Wealth is a journey that begins with WHY, not WHAT and HOW”

I love great writing and especially appreciate it when authors write in a style that might break a few rules to deliver complex information clearly. Dr. Sussman and Dr. Dubofsky have done that masterfully.

This isn’t the usual finance book, likely because it’s written by educators, not investors trying to sell us their magic formula for success. It’s simple, in how it explains the many elements at play, and relevant to anyone who invests because it seeks to help us get aligned vs just invested. Clever and constructive!

I was particularly interested in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). After decades in mutual funds, and mixed experiences in stocks, I can better see how ETFs fit into the big picture and how they could fit for “me.”

A great gift idea for the person who deserves a bright and informed future.

Well done gentlemen!

Scott Fulton

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