Are you prepared for retirement? This assessment helps you answer that question. Retirement planning typically considers only your financial needs. But there are many nonfinancial issues that should be considered as well – your emotional, psychological, and social needs. The best retirement planning looks into the future from a perspective of Total Wealth. It incorporates both financial and nonfinancial issues. The following assessment helps you develop that perspective.


Planning for retirement can be overwhelming; you are planning for the rest of your life. Because you are considering issues affecting all your tomorrows and your relationship with others, you may want to pause and think about some of the questions. If so, spread your answers across more than one session. This is not a timed test!



Each of the items below is followed by a Yes or No. Choose the answer that best describes your situation today. It’s possible you may be coordinating your retirement with a spouse or significant other. If you are planning to coordinate dual retirements, you should each complete this assessment.



Congratulations. You’ve made an important initial step in planning for your retirement by looking at both financial and nonfinancial issues. Go back and look at all your answers, especially the No answers. Taken together, they give you a To Do list for developing your specific plan. You now have a focus … and a focus that will enable you to create a Retirement of Total Wealth – financially and personally fulfilling. For more tips, see: .

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